Exo Terra Faunarium #ChewyInfluencers

Exo Terra Faunarium #ChewyInfluencers

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Everyone knows that little boy who is constantly outside picking up creatures and needing an extra place to put them. Our oldest son is quickly becoming that kid, but he is learning from his cousin a lot of lessons about reptiles and other outdoor critters.

Living in the country there are always a lot of summer trips to rivers, streams and creeks where there are many varieties of wildlife. We often find ourselves capturing them to take a closer look and then releasing them after learning sometimes more than we needed to know about them. Jack loves to learn as much as he can about nature and we love learning together.

One of his favorite parts of being homeschooled includes our outdoor adventures and we love getting closer with nature as much as possible.

The Exo Terra Faunarium has been the perfect addition to our learning adventures. We love that things like this can be purchased on and delivered to our house quick fast and in a hurry! Free 1-2 day shipping with a $49+ order ensures that our favorite pet supplies are here with no worries. Often we get the 1 day shipping which always amazes me. Technology is truly a great thing when I can sit at my computer and order what we need for our pets and in a day (or sometimes less) we can have products at our door step.


About the Exo Terra Faunarium


Your best bud can have his dream home with the Faunarium by Exo Terra. This straightforward, stackable terrarium is ideal for transport and travel with several species, not just reptiles. It’s claw-fect for amphibians, arachnids and insects, too—so you can get back to basics and help your exotic pets feel at home. With a clear design, this enclosure allows you to keep an eye on your pal at all times, and multiple terrariums are even stackable to customize his home and your view! Use the special feeding door when dinner is served, too. The large top door makes it easy for you to visit with your friend, while side-angled ventilation slits ensure he’s relaxed. So, keep it simple and keep it comfortable with Exo Terra.

Key Benefits

  • The clear, easy-to-use and portable terrarium is ideal for traveling with reptiles, amphibians, arachnids and insects.
  • Designated feeding door makes dinner time simple and speedy.
  • Side-angled ventilation slits ensure your pal is breathing comfortably.
  • Multiple terrariums become stackable, so you can personalize your pet’s space—or use this home for breeding.
  • Large door gives you easy access to your scaled friend, so you can visit whenever you’d like.

This terrarium is very light weighing about 2 pounds making it easy for Jack to carry on his own.

18 x 12 x 6.5 inches


Frog & Newt, Lizard, Insect, Snake, Hermit Crab

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