Show Us Your Summer Smile
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Great Expressions Dental Centers Summer Smile Contest

Show Us Your Summer Smile


Great Expressions Dental Centers Show Us Your Summer Smile Contest


Summer is coming and that means lots of backyard BBQ events. Great Expressions Dental Centers shared with us some awesome tips to keep your summer smile looking clean… but there is more! They also have an awesome contest going on their Facebook page looking for people to share their best summer smile, too.

·         Take advantage of the veggie platter: BBQs are not known for being the tidiest meals. When pesky foods such as corn or ribs get stuck in your teeth, grab raw carrots or celery to munch on to help dislodge food that gets stuck in your teeth. It is also proven that firm or crisp food help to clean your teeth as they’re eaten by scraping off plaque and food particles just like toothbrushes and toothpaste! Not into veggies? Keep a travel-sized container of floss handy for those hard-to-reach spots.

·        Pass the cheese, please: Enjoy the cheese tray before your meal. The calcium in cheese sticks to your teeth, shielding them from acids in other foods. Cheese can even heal tooth enamel where a cavity is about to form. If you worry about bad breathe, stock up on mints that you can easily pop in your mouth or share with others!

·        Avoid chips and dips: Although they are yummy, starches like potato chips, crackers, bread and pasta are as bad as sugars when they are in your mouth. They easily get stuck in the grooves of your molars. While you’re at it, avoid ketchup and dark colored sauces as they can stain your teeth. Instead, opt for bright colored alternatives such as mustard.

·        Make the main course work for YOU: Have braces? Scrape the corn kernels off the cob to avoid getting them stuck in-between brackets. If unavoidable, use floss to promptly remove the pesky kernel. While ribs are delicious, they tend to be messy. Pack your own hand wipes before heading out to your next BBQ to avoid a messy mouth and fingers.

By following those four simple tips, you’ll be ready for GEDC’s ‘Show Us Your Summer Smile!’ social media contest. GEDC is running the social media contest through July.

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