Interior Design in My Home


Interior Design in My Home

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Many people would describe my interior design style as southern while others would say that it is a mix of vintage and contemporary. I feel that each room has its own feel and while it doesn’t all “match” it flows very well.


Most recently I got into vintage Pyrex and starting collecting not only that but Corning Blue Cornflower dishes that turned 60 years old this year. (The same age as my parents, which I found really ironic to learn after I started the collection.) These collections are displayed in a huge glass cabinet that belonged to my husband’s grandparents. We were very lucky that it was handed down to us and that our home is filled with furniture that belonged to all of our grandparents. I feel that it adds a taste of days gone by for us and also things we can pass on to our own boys. A lot of our “collection” comes from Goodwill or local thrift and consignment stores where other’s junk becomes my treasures.


We love bringing things home that might not be in the best condition and making them ours as well. The upcycling idea is definitely huge for us and it makes me so happy to watch my new found things be transformed before my eyes with a little work.


One of my most treasured pieces of furniture belonged to my maternal grandmother’s parents. They wrote on this table (underneath) the dates that they moved and each person who has gotten it has written down when they move it as well. It has some really neat history and has traveled many many miles. Another treasured piece here is a reupholstered gliding rocking chair that has ducks carved into the arm rests. Classic, chic and yet contemporary all at the same time.


When deciding new decorating ideas I find myself looking online at other designers and seeing how they are keeping up with the times. I recently found Brian Setencich who has some great architecture ideas as well as design. A great way to pass time and look at the perspective of other people.


We use Pinterest a lot  as well to save ideas that we find to be functional for our home. This includes references for pieces that we already have as well as things that I want to have and also ideas for our upcoming remodeling projects that we are planning which include a covered front porch on our home, a complete kitchen remodel with HOPEFULLY soapstone countertops and a farm sink (yes I have been pinning) and also a patio area with a fire pit. These projects will take place over the next 3 years as we have all of the time in the world being homeowners to spread things out as finances allow.


How do you decorate? I love seeing pictures of people’s spaces especially where they work. I find that my “personal” spaces are full of photographs of our family, friends and our pets. We have a lot of vinyl throughout our home as well with inspirational or even funny quotes. They make my days working from home a little smoother and makes the bland bare walls more friendly.

Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 8 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

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