Mixing Business & Pleasure with Fishing

Mixing Business & Pleasure with Fishing


When you are passionate about something and the opportunity comes along to turn that passion into a business it is often a great idea to jump in with both feet and see what you can make of it. This is exactly what my husband and I did with his love of fishing.

A little back story: My husband was a Deputy Sheriff and ended up retiring due to a line of duty injury. In the time shortly after his work incident he was bored and going a little stir crazy in turn making me a little stir crazy. I always had my blog to take my mind off of things but he was left needing a hobby that he could do from home that took little financial investment. Fast forward a few months we went to a fishing expo and he found that he was really interested in learning to make fishing lures so insert instant hobby.

The dining room table was full of lures. They were literally everywhere. I mentioned to him about starting to sell them and about a year after the first lure was made we were set up at that very same expo with our own booth and our very own business venture called PC Lures.

Prior to sales though we were literally out fishing a LOT. We were testing lures and seeing what we liked, what color combinations went together the best and seeing who could catch the largest fish during out outings. It was a great friendly competition and I noticed that he was really good at making these lures.

We started to sell in local stores, but again needed to be out testing and working constantly to improve on our product. I found myself getting splitting headaches from the sun coming off of the water and invested in a good pair of fishing sunglasses. I loved that I could get a pair that was not only stylish but protected by eyes from the glare, especially late evenings.

Our competitions together turned into people from all over the United States buying our lures online and finding out that they really loved certain characteristics of them. We have been able to use our lures in multiple states as well and even after 4 years we still find ourselves having those competitions when we can both get away from our regular jobs and hit the water.

One of my favorite things now is that our boys are getting bigger and especially Jack being 5 now can use the same products that we are using and he gets to catch his own fish now too. His largest to date was a little over 4 pounds when he was 4 years old. He was so proud of himself and I loved being there with him to catch his excitement on camera!

While business isn’t quite as big as it used to be because we have scaled way back with things we still find passion in making lures and sending them to friends and having them showcased in local stores for people to purchase and use. I love seeing the pictures of the fish that are caught on our lures when customers send them to us and I also love another aspect of the business and that is giving back. Most recently a local man passed away from cancer and we were able to use the art of Patrick’s fishing lures to donate a tackle box with lures for a silent auction.

Turning a dining room table hobby into a legit business that can be done as a family was always a dream of mine and when the reality hit I really felt accomplished. My husband was able to work through some really tough things right at that table and I even learned to craft the lures with him so that we could double up production when he was getting ready for the expos or when he got large online orders.

They say a family who fishes together sticks together and I have to believe that. We have spent more time together sitting on a dock than many other hobbies that we have. I love the memories from this and also love that we can spend time with our boys and not spend a fortune on a one time thing. We buy new fishing supplies and the kids get so excited to use them and while sometimes we do pick up some live bait the costs are so minimal in the long run that we find it to be a worthwhile experience.

If you are sitting around with a hobby that you believe would make a great business I say go for it! While not every single minute has been the best in this venture we have enjoyed it for the most part and have met some amazing customers who are now friends for life.

Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 8 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

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