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Put Your Back Into It: 5 Signs That You Might Be Pushing Yourself Too Hard

If you’re someone that does most of the housework around the home, then you might occasionally feel tired or that your joints are hurting. Pushing yourself is never a good idea, but at the end of the day, someone has to clean up the home, do the laundry and wipe down the tables.

However, have you ever stopped for a moment to consider if you’re pushing yourself too hard? Although you might be the main person in your household that cleans it, everyone should do their part in maintaining a clean and livable environment. Everyone should contribute to doing the dishes, cleaning up after their mess and cleaning up spills, so make sure you’re not being burdened with everyone’s mess.


If you feel like you’re pushing yourself too hard, then here are five signs that show you’re putting in too much work.


  1. Your back pains get worse after doing your chores


It’s never a good idea to stress your joints and muscles if they are sore. You might find that as you clean up the house and do your chores, your pains go away for a moment for you to carry out your work. However, unless you want to damage your back and be taken to hospital for spine support or back surgery, you’d be wise to take breaks and ensure that you recover from your injuries before you continue working. Visit if your back injury has been bothering you for a long period of time.


  1. You have to drink copious amounts of coffee


Although many people rely on coffee to get them through the day, it’s never a great idea to build up a dependency on caffeine just to function. If possible, substitute coffee with tea, water, or a good breakfast to give you energy that’ll last you for the entire day.


  1. You have to take regular breaks while cleaning


Although it’s a good idea to take breaks while you work, you should never feel like you have to take a break because you’re feeling exhausted, because your joints are tiring out or because you simply can’t stand up anymore. If you’re in pain when you take breaks, then it’s a sign that you are pushing yourself too hard at home.

  1. You fall asleep on public transport


We’ve all taken a sneaky little nap while we’re on the bus or train to and from work. Sadly, it’s not actually a good sign if you have to get a couple extra minutes of sleep while you’re travelling. Sure, you might think that there’s nothing else to do while on public transportation, but there are ways to be productive while you’re on the train or a bus. Instead of trying to fit in a couple extra minutes of sleep, how about just going to bed earlier?


  1. You space out on a regular basis


If you find yourself asking people to repeat what they said, or if your vision blurs while you stare at a computer screen, then chances are you’re not getting enough sleep and you’re focusing on too many things at once. Take it easy. Slow your day down and don’t rush yourself. Get an extra hour of sleep, de-stress with a hot bath and take the time to pamper yourself after a stressful day at work.


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