2018 Father's Day Gift Guide

Some Ways To Honor Dad On Father’s Day Without Breaking The Bank

Some Ways To Honor Dad On Father’s Day Without Breaking The Bank

Father’s Day is right around the corner and it is important to show your dad how much you appreciate him. Maybe money is tight this month, or maybe your father already has too many ties, too much shaving supplies, and way too many knickknacks related to his favorite hobbies.  Here are some ways you can show your father how much you appreciate him without spending a lot of money or creating more clutter:

  • Give him some “dad time.” Many fathers work all week and come home to even more work on the weekends. Offer to mow the lawn, clean out the gutters, or any other household tasks that might keep him from enjoying his day off. Then make his favorite snack, stock up on his favorite beverage, and let him relax. If he’s a sports fan, watch a game with him. If he’s a movie buff, watch a movie together.
  • If your dad is one of those guys that really loves his car, give it a “car spa” treatment. Wash and wax it, clean the interior, shine the wheels, and put a big bow on top. He will appreciate the effort you put in, and he will appreciate your willingness to take the time to personalize your gift.
  • Some fathers enjoy spending their free time working on cars or building things. Only he knows exactly what tools and supplies he needs to pursue his hobby, but showing an interest in what he is doing means you care about him as a person, not just as your father. Some hobbies require very specialized supplies. Look at this, for example, your dad might need some obscure part one day, and you can help him find it. Many older people are not very adept at using the internet to shop. You can impress your Dad by learning a little about his hobby and do a little online research to compile a list of suppliers and catalogs for the doohickeys he needs.
  • Get him out of his comfort zone. Find an unusual activity and sign up to do it together. A trip to an escape room, an archery class, maybe an “extreme bowling” night; a fun, out of the ordinary activity will create a memory that will last longer than a “World’s Best Dad” mug. Keep in mind your Dad’s level of physical fitness, of course; a trip to the emergency room is not the kind of memory you want to create. Of course, you can always have the name of a good personal injury lawyer on hand! Click here to learn more.
  • Many older Dads have a wealth of stories to share but do not think anyone cares to listen. Simply listening is often the best gift you can give. You may also help your Dad create an audio, video, or written compilation of some of his favorite stories. Both of you will treasure those personal remembrances, and someday his grandchildren will love them also.
  • If you have younger siblings, giving your Mom and Dad some time together by providing babysitting services is a gift that both of them will appreciate. Your Dad may appreciate it if you can arrange just to get everyone out of the house so he can have the whole place to himself!
  •  Cooking a meal for your Dad is more personal, and less expensive than taking him out to a restaurant. Learn what his favorite foods are and take the time to prepare them exactly as he prefers them. Wear a chef’s hat or coat, and dress your siblings as waiters. Set the table with the best china, and create a fine dining experience at home. Anyone, from pre-teens to adults, can have fun and create a lasting memory by giving your Dad a five-star restaurant experience. Make sure you clean up and leave nothing for him to do!

These are just a few ideas: The key to giving your father a memorable Father’s Day experience is to tailor the experience to him and show him that you are willing to make an effort on his behalf. He will appreciate your time, your thoughtfulness, and your appreciation for him as a person more than you might know.

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