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How to Survive Autumn with Style

How to Survive Autumn with Style

The cherished season is finally upon us. The cool dip in temperature, the crunch of the leaves, the smell of everything pumpkin spice lingering in the air – it’s officially autumn. Fashion lovers rejoice as they say goodbye to their seasoned tank women’s tops and hello to their favourite olive-green coat. Arguably the most beautiful season of the year, autumn time is a major time for style and women’s wear. How does one dress for autumn, you might ask? Here’s your go-to guide.

A Staple Leather Jacket

Everyone needs at least one leather jacket in their wardrobe, and this season is a big reason why. As the weather cools down, these famous statement pieces instantly create an effortlessly chic, bold look that’ll let others know not only has autumn arrived, but so have you.

Knee-Highs and Boots Galore

Almost every woman loves a good pair of boots, but if you’re seen walking down the road on a mid-summer day wearing a pair of suede knee-highs, you’ll probably hear a few snide comments, then proceed to collapse of heat stroke. That’s another reason that makes autumn so great: a woman’s options for women’s shoes are endless. Whether you strut down the streets in an unapologetic pair of knee-high boots or settle for that adorable pair of booties you love, autumn is the season of this beloved shoe style.

Warm, Autumn Colours

What is autumn fashion without deep shades of orange, olive green and burgundy? The colours of this season embody everything that autumn represents, and let’s face it, they’re just so pretty. A black pair of jeans, thick cream top or a nice army green women’s dress are all great choices. Incorporating some warm hues into your wardrobe is super easy and is a sure-fire way to make sure you’re dressed properly this season.

The Infamous Trench Coat

Trench coats are fabulously sophisticated and make for a bold outfit statement, which is why they fit so perfectly into autumn fashion. Although some may see the thought of wearing a trench coat as daunting, it’s fun to venture out and try new styles you normally wouldn’t dare to wear. So, go ahead, throw on that trench coat and embrace the flexibility of autumn fashion.

Layering – Cue the Scarves

You’ve probably heard of the term “layering” by now. It’s used to provide warmth while also being style-savvy. Scarves are a great tool to use when layering, as they not only provide extra warmth, but add texture and colour to your outfit which could be the perfect finishing touch. However, scarves aren’t the only gems you can use to layer. Adding a denim jacket on top of a white thin hoodie is also a fashion-friendly way to incorporate layering into your style this season.

Suede Boots

Autumn is the perfect time to start wearing boots, and this year suede is most definitely in. River Island currently have some gorgeous suede ankle boots on sale that are perfect for date nights this autumn.  Available in pink and purple, they can add a nice bright touch to any outfit, and are as warm and comfortable as they are fashionable.

Swapping Your Bright Cross-Body for a Darker Coloured Handbag

Accessories are often forgotten when putting together an outfit, but that is yet another reason why nothing beats the autumn season – those little minute details of fashion finally get the recognition they deserve. This applies to the handbag you choose as well; while you might’ve opted for pretty pink women’s bags – purse during the warmer months, it could very well be time to swap your cross-body with a bolder, darker tote or satchel. Make sure the handbag is for you, as opposed to being something that you think will impress your partner or look appealing on a date. Only 2% of men notice when a woman purchases a new handbag, so buy it for you!

There you have it, a customised guide to dressing properly and fashionably during this autumn season. Whether you absolutely love autumn or are currently wishing for the temperatures to rise back up, make sure you utilise these tips to dress for success and make the most of this treasured season of style.

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