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Versatile Summer Sarongs By FairWinds Sarongs


Versatile Summer Sarongs By FairWinds Sarongs

The sarong has been a popular summer fashion choice for women for several years, but they haven’t received a lot of the same mainstream attention as other wardrobe choices. This is a shame, because the sarong is a wonderfully versatile garment that can be worn practically anywhere in any situation. Lightweight and Colorful One of the things that makes sarongs so perfect to wear in the summer is that they are lightweight and comfortable enough to keep the wearer cool even in the hottest weather. They are made from lightweight, colorful material that looks and feels great when worn on the beach, and the fact that they can be worn loosely makes them even cooler in warm weather.

Versatile Summer Sarongs By FairWinds Sarongs










Versatility Sarongs are also very versatile. Since a sarong is essentially a piece of fabric that is wrapped and tied around the body, it can be worn in a number of different ways. Women have worn sarongs like scarves, head dresses, skirts and halter dresses. They can also be worn just about anywhere. We’ve discussed wearing a sarong at the beach, but they can also be worn around the house or at an elegant restaurant. Some women have even turned their sarongs into formal or business casual dress. There is a great selection of sarongs for women from With sarongs of all different colors, patterns and styles you are bound to find something that perfectly matches your fashion sense.

Versatile Summer Sarongs By FairWinds Sarongs

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  1. Rachel Rodrigues

    I Love Sarongs! I Wear Them All The Time

  2. rebeccabasset

    I agree about the Sarongs, I have two or three that I wear. I love that I can wear them in different ways.
    Thanks for your post.

  3. denise smith

    these are really cute i would like all of them

  4. Catherine Shaw

    My sarong days are probably over … but these are so feminine and lovely.

  5. Carolann Leibenguth

    I checked these out and all I can say is wow they are beautiful and versitile will be one of my next “Mommy purchases”. Thanks for the intro 🙂

  6. annie page

    I have ordered a sarongs some where else and it has not come yet your review makes me wish it was here I am really looking forward to it after reading your post and styles of the sarongs appreciate showing the different ways to wear it Thanks

  7. Colleen Schilinski

    I love these Sarongs, and living in Florida – I wear these alot. They are comfortable and stylish too.

  8. Dawn Daugherty

    I love the versatility in wearing these I would love to get one for my daughter to try.

  9. Tina

    I have never worn a sarong but I really like the way that they look and how you can create a number of different styles with them. I am going to have to look into buying a couple of these because they look super stylish, comfortable and like you said versatile. Thanks for the great post.

  10. Olivia Rubin

    Living in south Florida. Sarongs are somewhat of a staple. So many people walk around the the grocery store in bathing suits, but I won’t so I always keep a sarong in my car. It looks nice, is an acceptable form of dress and provides nice coverage.

  11. SSherri Lewis

    I haven’t ever worn a sarong before. These are really beautiful though!

  12. Julie Wood

    These Sarongs are very pretty and classy to wear on the beach or even to dinner. They look comfortable and are a great beach coverup! i like the black one because I can wear it with anything.

  13. Brynna

    These are really cute! I love that they have patterned ones!

  14. Jennifer Mae Hiles

    Love the color of the one pictured above. I’ve never own a sarong but it sounds like a great piece to have in your wardrobe!

  15. Suz Saves

    Great post! I always thought of sarongs as mostly for the beach but I never realized how many more things you can do with them! Thanks for the great ideas!

  16. Stacey Roberson

    I love the design of this sarong – can’t be worn in so many different ways, and it doesn’t take up much room in the beach bag.

  17. Mary Beth Elderton

    I used to wear sarongs fairly often and loved them! These are just beautiful.

  18. Kelly Amos

    I really like the look of sarongs, but my figure would never allow me to get away with wearing one. I am trying to lose weight, so maybe someday. 🙂

  19. Mary Ann Knox

    I didn’t know that sarongs could be worn so many different ways! Going to have to try this with mine!

  20. Tammy Graham @ LoveMy2Dogs

    I think that these are so very pretty. I don’t have any but let me tell you when I lose another 30 pounds and I am at at 98 pound weight loss, I will own a few.

  21. Pamela Halligan

    Sarongs are a sexy beach coverup.

  22. April M.

    I would wear these in FL for most of the year. Very pretty pink color.

  23. Betty

    I agree they are so feminine and versatile. my daughter wants one for the beach, for wear over the swimsuit

  24. Adriana G

    Their really cute.

  25. Amy Green

    These are so pretty. They look like something that the wediing coordinator, David Tutera, would’ve used on his WE TV show, “My Fair Wedding” for the after party dress.

  26. Christy George

    I love Sarongs and I have worn them for many many years!

  27. Amy Green

    These remind me of some of the dresses that wedding coordinator David Tutera featured on his WE-TV show, “My Fair Wedding”, as bridesmaid dresses and after-party gowns for the brides.

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