Zoku Travel Tumbler Review
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Zoku Travel Tumbler Review

Zoku Travel Tumbler Review

Zoku Travel Tumbler Review

I received the mentioned product from Zoku in exchange for an honest review. The opinions contained within this review are mine and may vary from the opinions of others.

About Zoku Travel Tumbler: Sip without spills with the Zoku 16oz. Travel Tumbler. The double-walled design keeps drinks insulated and your hands warm and dry on the outside. Sealing is a snap with the press-fit lid. And the silicone holder keeps your straw in place no matter where you take it.

What We Thought: I am a collector of cups. Literally we have a whole cupboard shelf full of them. I have a cup for everything, and love each one for a different reason but the Zoku Travel Tumbler stands out as being very different from many cups that I have.

The Zoku Travel Tumbler  varies from other cups of its type because it has this awesome silicone holder that keeps my straw in place. It also helps when handing this tumbler to our son because I feel that it will not be spilling everywhere. He loves to drink from a straw, but often will pull the straw out of drinks. With this tumbler I have not had him pull the straw out one time.

I love that this tumbler’s lid snaps in place too, so there is no question if the lid is on tight.

The first day I used this cup was actually at our son’s birthday party. It was 95 degrees outside, humidity was near 100% and we were burning up. I decided that was the perfect time to give this tumbler a try. I added some ice, poured in some Root Beer and put the lid on. I added my own straw and took off outside.

This drink stayed cold for awhile, granted the ice melted eventually but the drink stayed cool and I was happy. The 16 oz size is perfect as well.

If you are interested in a great tumbler for a reasonable cost of $11.99 check out the Zoku website. Zoku also offers tons of other really cool products that I highly recommend.

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  • Gina Butler

    I am also a fan of cups, especially those with a lid. I call them my adult sippy cups because I’m clumsy and knock things over all the time.

    I love that the straw stays in place and it keeps your drink cold for a long time. I hate when the cup “sweats” too and you get condensation everywhere.

    I will definitely be looking into buying a Zoku tumbler.

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