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Blue Apron Ingredient Delivery Service Review

Sometimes, getting off the couch and heading down to the supermarket for the food shop is tough. It’s even tougher if you have to do it after a long, hard day at work, and more often than not, it’s a tedious process.

Blue Apron

The endless queues and the shrieking of a customer who’s angry at the lack of chocolate biscuits on the shelf don’t help the experience. The dawn of online shopping in the last ten years has made it easier to put yourself on autopilot, but sometimes, the food arrives stale.


And if you’re feeding a family, that’s not good enough. And that’s exactly the market gap that Blue Apron seeks to fill!


What is it?


Blue Apron is a meal/ingredient delivery service that will provide you fresh foods straight to your doorstep. It’s subscription based, meaning you can cancel at anytime. Shipping is free too, so you only pay for the food, and you can choose packages for couples or families.


How does it work?


It works by choosing a pricing plan and number of recipes/meals per week. For example, if you opt for the ‘Family Plan’ you can choose between 2 or 4 meal ideas per week, each of which serves 4 people. You can set dietary and allergy requirements too, so if you’re vegetarian or lactose intolerant this is taken into account.


After you’ve chosen your ingredients it’s a case of paying, and waiting for them to be shipped. Once they’ve have arrived, it’s time to cook something tasty! In terms of looking for inspiration, there are tons of videos on YouTube that can help you visualize the cooking process. You only get one batch of ingredients, so don’t waste them!


Some of the most prominent include Hampton Creek, and Tasty. The Hampton Creek story, in particular, begins and ends with this mantra of easy cooking. Basically, videos are a good way to help you effectively learn a recipe! Blue Apron does offer recipes too, but there are no videos, and they’re rather bog-standard.

Blue Apron

So if you fancy yourself the next Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsay, Blue Apron can provide you with the foods you need. The great thing about it all is the sheer ease of use. From ordering food to reading about and watching recipes, the entire process is online-based. You’ll never have to leave the house, and you’ll never have to queue for your food.


Is it right for me?


That depends. The ingredients are incredibly fresh and delivered in refrigerated boxes, but they aren’t as fresh as store bought ones. If you value accessibility over food freshness though, you can’t beat having the stuff delivered right to you.


There’s also another potential issue with delivery, too. Blue Apron only deliver on Tuesdays to Fridays, with Monday and Saturday available in a select few locations. This isn’t ideal if you want to eat your fresh recipes on those days, so take this into account.

On the whole, if you like to live your life in the fast lane and want to eliminate your food shop, there are worse services to take advantage of. You can order a vast array of ingredients and put them to good use – but you’ll still need an adequate culinary ability! So whether you enjoy beef, seafood or fish, it’s simple for anyone of any ability to produce tasty meals.



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