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3 Reasons to Keep a Diary of Your Dreams

3 Reasons to Keep a Diary of Your Dreams

Dream diaries, or journals, are great ideas for people that dream often and in vivid details. These sorts of journals can help you work through your nightmares, while discovering some truths about yourself through your dreams. Read on if you need a few more reasons to keep a diary of your dreams.

Decipher Your Psyche

Most dreams have hidden meanings. If you are nervous about a specific event, you might dream that it goes great or horribly bad. Or, in the case of nightmares, you could discover that your mind has dug up a past fear that you haven’t thought about in years. At least never in the forefront of your mind. Dreams (and nightmares) are gateways to your psyche. You can learn a lot about what worries you, makes you happy, or scares you. And, with the help of a book or professional dream decipherer, you can discover something new and intriguing about yourself and the inner workings of your mind.

Write Down Nightmares to Banish Them

Everybody suffers from nightmares on occasion. Toddlers that cannot speak yet are even prone to the odd night terror. It is absolutely natural. But it helps to write down your nightmares because you can see them on paper, contemplate their meanings, then move on to banish them from your mind. Recurring nightmares are the worst because you never know when they might come back to haunt you. But keeping a journal for your dreams—nightmares included—can help you work through the bad ones. Perhaps you have a nightmare the symbolizes some negatives in your life. By fixing those negatives, you could banish the nightmares completely.

Keep Neat Memories of Your Mind’s Inner Workings

Dream diaries can be awesome documents of your mind and existence for your descendants. Can you imagine a great-great-great grandchild finding the journal of your dreams, nightmares, and nighttime ramblings? So cool. And, when you want to work through your psyche and feelings, you can go back to read your mind’s inner workings. If you are having trouble jotting down your dreams, inspire yourself with music, or sing a song of hope to get your muse a-rolling.

Dream journals can be anything on anywhere. You could use a stacked collection of napkins to document your dreams. Or, better yet, invest in a leather-bound diary for all of your psyche musings. Remember to write down everything you’ve dreamt of the moment you wake up, while the dream is still fresh in your mind. And, when you find yourself feeling silly for writing your dreams and nightmares, take a look back at how it’s helped you.

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