2019 Valentine's Gift Guide

Fresh Flowers from Flower Republic this Valentine’s Day!


Fresh Flowers from Flower Republic this Valentine’s Day!

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About Flower Republic

Our select flower bouquets are grown and handpicked in the middle of the world, and shipped directly to your loved ones.

What We Thought

Who doesn’t love to get flowers? Valentine’s Day is coming and most any woman would absolutely love to open her door and find these amazing flowers from Flower Republic and be able to arrange them in any vase of your choice. I was able to pull an antique vase out of my China cabinet that I had been wanting to use for years!

25 stems arrived packaged to perfection! These flowers were not opened up all the way and I got to watch them progress beautifully. The 25 stems filled 2 vases perfectly. There was even a packet of ingredients to preserve the flowers which I used.

The stems were perfectly long to trim them to any size vase that I chose to use. I was happy with that because while I was able to use that amazing antique vase, I also wanted to use a shorter vase as well. I could cut them (at an angle of course) and have beautiful arrangements in our home.


I used a hack that I found on the internet when arranging in the antique vase that I want to share with the readers here:

Thank you to the DIY Playbook

1. First you’ll want to trim the roses so they fit in the bowl. Just use a sharp pair of scissors and cut the stem on an angle.  This will prevent the stems from laying flat on the bottom of the vase, which might inhibit their water intake.
2. Then be sure to take off any of the leaves that will rest below the water line. You’ll most likely have a clean stem that is all ready to be placed in the low vase of water.
3. Next, take your Scotch tape and put a few pieces of tape horizontally across the top of the bowl. Make sure they’re secure on each side, but don’t let the tape go too far down the sides of the bowl. You don’t want to see the tape on the sides when you have your flowers all arranged.
4. Repeat the same process with more tape to create a little grid across the top of the vase.
5. Take your cut roses and arrange them using the taped up grid on the top of the vase. The grid will help hold the stems in place so they don’t flop to the side. You can trim the roses up more to make sure the roses fill the entire bowl and fit.


If you are looking for flowers sent right to the door of a special someone this Valentine’s Day please be sure to check out Flower Republic and their amazing Flamingo roses as well as the many other varieties they have to choose from.

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