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Health Starts In The Bathroom

Everyone aspires to a healthy lifestyle, but more importantly, every family wants to be healthy. After all, nobody enjoys feeling poorly or weak. However, a healthy lifestyle is not as easily said as it is done. It requires time, dedication and efforts, because unfortunately living the unhealthy life, while it may not be as appealing, is easier to achieve. While you need to combine physical activities, a balanced diet and a strong mental, there is an element of your health program that most people tend to ignore: Your bathroom. Being healthy starts in your bathroom, as surprising as it might sounds, And here’s how to keep ahead of your health needs directly from the bathroom.  


The Basics Behind A Healthy Lifestyle

Most people embrace a healthy lifestyle to improve their look. The reason behind your decision to choose health over laziness doesn’t matter. What matters is to understand the basics of healthy living. Indeed, it is about fueling your body with the right kind of energy, aka you need to follow a diet that can provide the necessary nutrients for your body to maintain its functions without accumulating fat. In other words, exercising is part of the deal too, as it keeps your body strong and active. Additionally, you need to look after your organ, from your skin to your liver, which means that cleansing is part of your health.


Why The Bathroom?

So why does it have to start in the bathroom? After all, the bathroom is by far the least glamorous room in the home. But it is, however, the most important, as it is closely connected to your personal hygiene. Your hygiene is essential to your health and your social interactions. Washing can help to prevent germs from spreading, especially if you have a cold or have been close to someone who was ill. Additionally, the way you look and smell can be perceived as asocial if you don’t take care of your appearance.


A Hairy Problem

Your hair tends to be part of your style, whether it is a trendy hairstyle or a hot beard trend for men. So it can come as a surprise for many to think that hair can be the home of serious health issues. Indeed, growing a beard can become problematic especially if it isn’t looked after. A coarse hair – aka a kind of hair that has not be conditioned and moisturized – offers the ideal environment for bacterial growth. If this happens around the beard area, the bacteria can be rapidly transmitted to the mouth and the partner. In the case of unattended facial hair, a clean shave can avoid many issues. However, it’s important to use a good shaver that won’t damage the skin – for overgrown bears, this comprehensive review of the Philips Norelco 7300 Shaver provides tips to pick the best-suited razor solution. In other words, you need to look after your hair closely to avoid serious health troubles.

Looking After Your Teeth

There is no denying it: What your eat and drink can have an aggressive impact on your teeth. Coffee, sugar, ice cream, soda, etc… All these can damage your teeth and cause tooth decay if you are not careful. As a rule of the thumb, you need to be brushing your teeth a minimum of twice every day, after breakfast and before going to bed. Additionally, you should be flossing your teeth at least once a day. It is also important to clean your tongue as it is a fantastic environment for bacterial growth, especially if you have a sweet tooth for processed foods. The tongue bacteria can also be responsible for tooth decay in the long term, as well as bad breath and a distorted taste sense. Be sure to also make regular trips to the dentist for checkups. We’d recommend ones like Murphy General & Cosmetic Dentistry for top notch services.

A Clear Skin For A Fresh Look

Your skin is your only external organ. As a result, it is directly in contact with plenty of aggressive external elements, such as air pollution, that can damage its health. Beyond causing uneven skin tone, the presence of pollution in the air can accelerate the signs of aging and can even result in skin cancer. Consequently, you need to clean your skin every day to reduce the effect of pollution. You will need to exfoliate your skin every night to get rid of the toxic chemicals that pollution leaves on your skin.


Don’t Flush Without Looking

Last, but not least, there’s something else happening in the bathroom that matters to your health, and it’s your poop. While nobody likes to discuss going to the bathroom, it’s important to be aware of the abnormalities related to this process. For instance, it’s not considered normal to go less than three times a week, especially if you experience pain in your lower abdomen. Changes in consistency and colors are also worrying as they can indicate that something is going wrong in your digestive tract.


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