How To Put Together An Accessorised Travel Capsule Wardrobe

Planning Accessories For Your Travel Capsule Wardrobe


With travelling light on so many people’s agendas it makes so much sense to practice the art of creating a capsule wardrobe. The benefits are huge and can make packing and finding outfits whilst on holiday an absolute breeze.


What Is A Capsule Wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is basically one it sounds like, a small segment of your wardrobe which has been stripped down to the basics having only 1 or, a very limited number of the same garment. A capsule wardrobe should have a number of coordinated outfits which are interchangeable and a big emphasis on no wasted space, so nothing you won’t wear whilst away.


Why Do I Need One?

You don’t have to create a capsule wardrobe for travelling, but if you do the benefits will really pay off whilst you are away. Capsule wardrobes are great if you aren’t the most organized or struggle when it comes to planning outfits and packing clothes for your holidays.


If this takes your fancy then a capsule wardrobe will be perfect for the next time you are travelling because of the minimal nature means you can easily fit a whole capsule wardrobe in a small suitcase, and possibly even a carry-on bag if you aren’t travelling for a long period of time, which means more financial savings to spend on a great time whilst you are away!


The added bonus is you won’t be spending much time choosing your outfits before you head out to explore for the day, as you selected your outfits whilst packing. There is a slight drawback here, and that is if you plan your outfits based on the weather, and there’s a change you could be caught in a rainstorm with no protection. If this is a concern, when piecing yours together include a waterproof layer for peace of mind.


How Do I Create One?

To create a perfect travel capsule wardrobe simply follow the steps laid out below and you will be well on your way to packing success.


Start With The Basics:

The easiest way to begin is with the basics, this includes your everyday items such as underwear, t shirts, hoodie, jacket, trousers, and a waterproof layer. These can be any design or pattern it is completely of your choosing, but for an added touch of personality include a personalized item of clothing. You can get your own from Banana Moon Clothing and personalize them however you want.


Add In Your Outfits:

If you have any specific outfits in mind, now is your time to add them in. Be mindful of the outfits you take, a rule to follow is every outfit should be coordinated with the rest of your wardrobe, to make multiple outfits from one, saving space and making a more versatile capsule wardrobe.


How To Plan Your Accessories? 

By this point you should have ready or should be ready to pull a range of garments from your wardrobe to create your own travel capsule wardrobe. Now it is time to accessorize your wardrobe. You can do this any way you like depending on your style and taste, as well as the destination you are travelling to. Some people add accessories with the use of jewelry or other wearable items, whereas some others will often cover a denim jacket in the patches to support their favorite musical artists. If you are struggling for ideas there are endless resources to help you accessories your outfits!

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