Lava Lamp Black Aquarium
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Lava Lamp Black Lava Aquarium Review

Lava Lamp Black Aquarium

Lava Lamp Black Aquarium Review

I received the following product from Lava Lamp in exchange for an honest review. The opinions contained within this review may vary from the opinions of others.

About Lava Lamp Black Aquarium: 

  • Realistic looking fish surf the bubbling blue inside of a black Lava® Lamp shaped “tank.”
  • LEDS light up bubbles and life-like fish inside a “tank.”
  • Fill with distilled water, add fish and enjoy!
  • Generates a soft, relaxing aquarium sound.
  • Plugs into a power outlet.

What We Thought: I have always loved the Lava Lamp company and when I saw this awesome aquarium lava lamp I had to have one. First off I love anything aquatic, but really lets face it, cleaning a fish tank all of the time gets really hard to keep up with. I tried, and failed miserably.

I knew that our son would love this product from the minute I saw it. It arrived packaged in a sturdy box so I didn’t have to worry about any broken pieces.

Setting this up was pretty simple. I knew that it was on the way, so I had already gotten some distilled water. I wasn’t sure the purpose of the distilled water until reading more about the product in the packaging. Make sure you use distilled water to cut down on the algae that forms from tap water.

I learned that washing the fish and other decor in some soapy water also helps with making the set up process easier. I believe I read that this cuts down on bubbles inside the glass and on the fish/decor.

Upon plugging this in I was pleasantly surprised to see the fish swimming around and the blue light as well as the bubbles from the aerator. What an awesome treat to have in our home.

Some evenings I just like to turn this on and watch it. Pretty relaxing, mess free and again I don’t have to remember to feed these fish.

If you are interested in this Lava Lamp Black Aquarium check out the Lava Lamp website. They have some awesome specialty lamps, but they also have the traditional style Lava Lamps too! This great lamp retails for $21.99 which is a steal and would make an awesome gift for just about anyone!


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