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Little Tikes Cook N Store Kitchen Review

Little Tikes Cook N Store Kitchen


Little Tikes Cook N Store Kitchen Review

I was sent the mentioned products in exchange for an honest review. The opinions contained within this review are my own.

About Little Tikes Cook N Store Kitchen: The Little Tikes Cook ‘n Store Kitchen comes fully assembled and compactly folds up for easy storage! This unique play kitchen has plenty of storage for all of the 32 accessories. Little hands were meant to cook up new creations and with this play kitchen kids will do just that!

What We Thought: I was so happy to be able to review this product as cooking is such a huge part of my life and while our son is small he tries so hard to help me cook. Cooking even as an adult takes a lot of creativity and imagination from time to time, so it is my belief that the younger this gets sparked the better. As my husband says “some of the best chefs are men” so we are starting ours out at a very young age to know that preparing food is often a family affair here.

Yesterday when the Little Tikes Cook N Store Kitchen arrived I was super excited. I was even more excited when I saw how small it folds down to, but I will touch on that later in the review. This kitchen came in a neat box with a carrying handle for easy lifting. It is light weight and I had absolutely no problem getting it out of the box by myself. I am a little on the short side and sometimes I need help lifting things from boxes.

I was surprised to find that this entire kitchen was neatly folded and so easy to get ready to play with in literal minutes. The area where you see the microwave in the photo pulls up and both sides either slide or unfold to make this a fully functional play kitchen. My only regret with this review is that I did not get a photo of it unfolded, but the minute our son saw it he was so excited I could not even get him to stop playing long enough to switch it back.

Little Tikes Cook N Store Kitchen

I got everything set up for him so that when he saw it things would be ready to play with. I was thankful that I did because he never would have seen everything as excited as he was. He loves that the knobs make clicking sounds like you are really turning them on and he right away took to cooking me a dinner.

This awesome little kitchen comes with 4 plates that fit so perfectly in a drying rack at the sink (which also has turning knobs for the water), 4 cups, and utensils for all 4 plates.

It also has a real working Lazy Susan where he can store the pretend foods (that also includes a salt and pepper shaker) and plenty of room to add in other pretend foods that we intend to get him to use with this.

I am happy with the storage space and the fact that every accessory has a place that it can fit for the storage and that this would take up hardly any room at all if we decided to put it into a closet for a play break.

This toy in the last 24 hours has been played with more than many other toys that we have had in the past and while I prepared a real meal I found Jack happily cooking a pretend meal in his own kitchen. When I asked him what he was making me to eat he said he was making “beans and corn” which made me happy that he was making something healthy.

I feel that this Cook N Store Kitchen is great for more than 1 child to play with at a time as well, so if Jack has a friend over there should be no argument over who is going to have use of the kitchen.

If you would like more information about the Little Tikes Cook N Store Kitchen check out their website.

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