Lixa Waterless Shave Gel
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Lixa Water Free Shave Gel Review

Lixa Waterless Shave Gel  Lixa Water Free Shave Gel Review

I received the mentioned Lixa product in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts and opinions contained within this review are mine and may vary from the opinions of others.

About Lixa Water Free Shave Gel: LIXA, brings you a 2-in-1 shave gel and moisturizer designed to leave your skin feeling ultra soft and moisturized by protecting your skin with a gentle, lubricating barrier. Natural essential oils give you a traditional shave without the shower; no need to apply water, lather or rinse.

What We Thought: I am constantly looking for new products to make my life easier, especially having a very active toddler in our home. These products often include things that make taking care of myself easier, while still being able to feel pampered. In comes Lixa Water Free Shave Gel.

I found myself not exactly sure what to expect from a product that informed me that I literally could shave with absolutely no water needed. Nothing to even rinse, but in my best product reviewer fashion I set on to taking the challenge. I was really shocked that I absolutely didn’t need water at all and found that I was getting a shave comparable with a waxing. Not only was the shave extremely close to the skin, but I also felt that my legs were the softest they had been in, well, forever.

I was a little anxious before using this product wondering where all of the little hair particles would be going and how it would be possible to just rub this product into my skin after I was finished shaving. I quickly found that the hair stayed on the razor and I was left with this amazing product on my legs that felt amazing.

The perk of this water free gel is that it isn’t limited to just shaving away from water. It is also great to use in the shower.

In terms of the affordability of this product at $14.99 I find that this is a great value because I did not need to use a lot of the gel to get the job done. I feel that with the little goes a long way approach I will be able to use this same container for awhile. A perk also is that there is free 2-day shipping no matter where you live. A great thing if I find that I am running low and need to make sure I have some Lixa here right away.

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