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Sous Chef? Soon, Chef. You’ve Got Learning To Do!

A lot of people love to cook. The thrill of making your own food instead of eating someone else’s is a great experience. You get to add your own flavours and change the meal to work within your needs and wants. And, of course, you never have to eat anything that you don’t like; when you cook it yourself. Being a good cook at home doesn’t mean you’re ready to become a real chef, though. This sort of job is stressful, high-skill, and filled with small nuances that can only be picked up with experience. To help you out, this post will be going through the skills and tools you’ll need as a chef; as well as the ways you can go about learning them.


Of course, a chef needs to be able to cook; that’s a given. But, the ability to cook isn’t the only thing a chef needs. Kitchens are often incredibly busy places. The level of stress that a lot of chefs have to work under is huge. The shifts are long, and the pay is low when you first start out. And, things don’t get much easier in the future; even when you’re paid more. For example, you may be great at making a Sunday roast at home, when you have several hours to get the work done. But, when you have to chop carrots, while also cooking meat, and being shouted at by the head chef; things will certainly intensify. You have to be able to use the tools you have to a perfect degree. And, it has to be done much faster than you’ll be used to at home.


This brings us to the tools that you have to use. Of course, any good kitchen will be fully stocked with the best gear you can get your hands on. But, this won’t help you much when you’re starting out. With something like cooking, practice will always make perfect. So, ideally, you should be cooking to a restaurant quality at home as much as you can. Getting your hands on things like Kamikoto knives and ceramic pans will help you get to grips with the tools used in proper kitchens. Most people don’t use tools like these in their kitchen. Instead, they will use much lower-quality alternatives. And, this means that it can be hard to practice in a place like this.


You will have to be open to a huge amount of learning to get into a profession like this. But, you’re not alone in your struggle. There are loads of [places that you can go to learn about cooking. A lot of colleges and universities open their cooking classes to people outside of their school. And, loads of places offer these sorts of services privately. Some people won’t want to spend money on something like this, though. So, instead, you may find it best to use services like Youtube to find videos about the food you’d like to cook. Most people don’t take the time to learn like this. But, if you want to be a chef; you have to be able to cook to the highest level.
Hopefully, this won’t scare you away from the idea of this profession. Instead, it should inspire you to start working harder on your food; regardless of whether or not you want to sell it. Most people are unhappy with their diet. So, making changes can be a great way to revitalise this part of your life.

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