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Staying Close When You’re Far Away from Family

Maintaining relationships with your family when you live far away is tough. You could be hundreds or even thousands of miles from home. Even though you’re normally no more than a day or two from getting to see someone, finding the time and money to see them often isn’t easy. So you have to think of ways to stay in touch and keep your relationships close, even though you can’t see each other often. Fortunately, being separated physically doesn’t have to mean that you ignore each other when you’re not together. You can stay in touch and show that you care in a variety of ways.


Show You Care


Being separated from your family can get more difficult as everyone gets older. Perhaps you have kids who your parents don’t get to see often. Or your parents or grandparents are starting to need some extra help. Moving back to live near your family isn’t always practical or even possible for you. But you can still ensure that your family gets the help they need. One thing you can do is arrange living assistance for a loved one who needs it. You might not be able to care for them yourself, but you can make sure that someone visits them in their home or even lives with them to give them the care they need.


Stay in Touch Using Various Methods


In the modern age, staying in touch with each other is easier than ever. However, everyone has different preferences when it comes to communication. It might depend on generation, but it can also be a personality or money thing. Some people like to talk on the phone or video chat, while others like to text, email, use social media, or even send old-fashioned letters. You can use a variety of methods to stay in touch with your family, depending on what everyone prefers. But you need to make the time to contact them, or you might get too busy with other things.


Make Plans to Meet Up When Possible


A big family reunion is always fun, but you can’t always do them spontaneously. If you’re not too far away from family, you might be able to arrange a trip at the last minute. But if visiting everyone is going to cost a lot of money, you need to make plans in advance so that you’re able to save. You might pick special times of the year to meet but, but it doesn’t have to be a significant date.

Share Your Life


When you’re separated from your family, it can be hard to keep them updated on what’s happening in your life. Phone conversations can only last so long, and it’s difficult to chat casually about your day. Plus, you don’t want to have to repeat yourself with each conversation. Starting a blog is one way you can share your life with everyone, without having the same conversation over and over. You can even make it private, so only those with the link can read it.


Distance doesn’t have to separate you from your family. With a little effort, you can maintain your loving relationships.

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