Some Important Tips for Those of You Who Want to Cook Fresh Dungeness Crabs

Some Important Tips for Those of You Who Want to Cook Fresh Dungeness Crabs

Want to cook Dungeness crabs yourself? If you like crabmeat, reading this article would provide you with useful information. Dungeness crab is one of the most delicious crabs in the world. Commonly found on the Pacific coast, this crab species is very popular in cities like California. Dungeness crab is suitable for family parties and has long been one of the most anticipated dishes. But before you start cooking, it’s good to understand some important things in “preparing” your crab!

Why do you have to depend on cooked or marinated Dungeness crabs? Why don’t you try the fresh ones? Fresh crab is more recommended for serving the perfect seafood flavor. No need to worry in going through the cooking process.

Prepare your fresh crabs:

There are several paths that can be taken to prepare your fresh Dungeness crabs. The easiest (or most difficult) way is to fish your crabs! For many people of course this is an extreme way. But if you are near the waters where the Dungeness crab clusters are, why not?

For me personally, if I can’t find Dungeness crab near me, I will order it online. There are many online seafood stores that provide fresh Dungeness crabs, but for me, is the best. Be sure to choose active moving crabs. You can try to tease them and see their reaction. If they react aggressively to your disturbances then buy them! That is a sign that they are healthy crabs.


Cook your crabs:

The recommended way is to first boil the crabs for about 8 minutes. Make sure you provide ventilation for the air to come out. I personally advise you to use a large steamer with the aim of reducing the amount of water retained in the crabs’ body cavities. If you choose to boil your crabs then you can add spices to the boiling water. Add salt, pepper, celery, carrots, … whatever you want to be served in a crab. How to cook pre-cooked Dungeness crab? You may be able to use premixed seasoning but this is not required for all Dungeness crab recipes.


Clean your crabs:

Cleaning Dungeness crab is important. This is the stage that ensures that you will get whatever you have done from the start. You can lift the crabs from the panic and immediately rinse them with cold water. This way you will stop the cooking process. You can rub crab shells that may have come out due to the cooking process. By cleansing your crabs you can make sure you can enjoy the prize of the sea without endangering your health. You can also make sure you will not consume the cooking process dregs.

The three points above are three important stages that must be known by anyone who likes Dungeness crabs and cooking them himself. Now, you are ready to explore your imagination on your crabs! Thank you for reading and good luck with your experiment!

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