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Tips For The Best Wine Tasting Outing

Tips To Enjoy The Best Wine Tasting Event


If you’re a wine aficionado, one of the best ways to celebrate the onset of the spring bloom is to attend a spectacular wine tasting event. These are classy, sophisticated, and perfectly complement the fresh burst of floral air, thanks to the departure of the cold. While the days are still pleasant and not very hot, you can spend your weekend attending one of these tours with your friends or family who share your appreciation for wine. In the UK, there are several quaint and aesthetic-looking wineries that have their own tasting tours you can embark on. Alternatively, there are wine tasting events advertised where you could purchase tickets for a day’s entry. 


No matter which option you choose, going to such events requires a certain cadence that many might take very casually. Many fear getting tipsy or even nauseous during their tasting sessions, which happens more often than you’d think. One of the biggest factors many shy away from wine tasting is the fear of accidentally committing a faux pas. If you’re new to wine tasting tours and parties, this blog is here to help. We’ll talk about what you can expect and the best tips to make it through the day with nothing less than grace.

  • Dress as per the event’s code: The event of wine tasting has a very specific dress code. While many people prefer smart casuals, some of the events mention outfit preference and their tips for a comfortable event. Since it’s going to be spring, you can enjoy the lovely weather outside and wear breezy clothes. It also helps feel cool enough if the wine makes you feel a tad warm. However, make sure that you skip long sleeves, loose sleeves, or bell sleeves that could touch wine. These stains last forever so make sure that your outfit remains safe. Also, keep your hair away from the face of you have a longer style. This helps you avoid getting any wine into the hair when you need to spit it out (check out tip number 5).

  • Skip out on your perfume: One of the biggest mistakes one can make while visiting a winery is wearing perfume. The fragrance from your spritz can easily alter your sensory perception of the wine, robbing you of a full experience. If you wish to appreciate all the aromatic notes, especially the undertones of the wines being exhibited, it’s necessary that there are no lingering foreign fragrances in the mix. Also, you may not want to be the one gathering the most attention due to this little error!

  • Have a solid wine tasting plan: It is common to feel overwhelmed by the number of choices presented at a wine tasting event. There will be more selections than you can possibly imagine. If you went about tasting every single one of them, it’s a guarantee that you’ll feel like a mess sooner due to the mixed flavors. Instead, we advise you to take a look at the event host’s wine subscription UK catalog; it is bound to showcase all their finest collection. Mark the ones that interest you the most so you don’t miss them in the tasting session and buy them later if you love them. Also, the order of tasting wines needs to be worked on their way up starting from the light ones. Pick up the sparkling wines first, then move to the whites and lastly reds. If you’d like a palate cleanser at the end of the tour, sip on some champagne. This aisle-by-aisle tip will help you make the best of your tour.

  • Avoid staying empty stomach: Staying empty stomach and not munching on the appetizers offered may land you in trouble at a wine tasting. An empty stomach with alcohol is indeed the devil’s workshop; you’re bound to feel squeamish or heavy-headed. Instead, keep nibbling on cheese and other snacks in between tastes, but most importantly, eat something before you start your tour.

  • It’s okay to spit (most times): We hate wasting wine, and good wine that too. But the tasting quantities are generous and can compound quickly without you noticing. You need to pace yourself and sometimes, spitting out wine once you’ve tasted it is common. There are buckets at every table and the staff is used to it. Don’t feel shy to follow suit because it is vital for you to make it through the rest of the tour almost sober. Make sure that you follow the proper etiquette while spitting in the bucket. Be slow-paced so that you don’t splash, be close enough to the bucket so you don’t spill, and shield the side of your mouth in the direction of onlookers.

  • Note down the features: If you’re particularly interested in recording the characteristics of wines, carry a diary and pen. It will help you when you take personal notes to capture the unique mix of flavor, fragrance, and impact based on your nose and taste buds. Since you may catch something the others may not, this will help in writing something unique.

  • Plan how you’ll avoid getting red teeth: Tasting wine for hours may be fun, but it ends in a way that makes people shy away. Red teeth are a problem after tasting wine, because the enamel may temporarily stain the color of the delicious blends. Don’t even consider brushing your teeth immediately after since it can erode your enamel. Instead, rinse your mouth with water and get some whitening chewing gum to get rid of the stains.

Wrapping Up:

Apart from the tips mentioned above, don’t forget to have a dialog with the wine curators. One of the best ways to know more about the wines you’ve loved and would like to order home is to talk to the owners. There’s a manager or event host who stays back to chit-chat with the attendees, so make the most of it! We hope you enjoyed this blog; more on your favorite wines in the next!

Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 12 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 12 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

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