Top 9 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Hardwood Floor Looking Like New

Top 9 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Hardwood Floor Looking Like New

Hardwood flooring adds an element of subtle warmth and luxury to a home and its maintenance is not as difficult as it’s made out to be. You can install wood flooring in a home with kids and pets and have it looking great for years, provided you put your heart into its upkeep and follow some basic cleaning and maintenance rules right from the start.

Dust it off every day
Hardwood flooring, or any other type of wooden flooring system for that matter, is prone to accumulating dust from the environment and dirt from your shoes and your pets’ feet. A golden tip to preserving your floor is to sweep it using a soft brush or broom every day.
This simple practice will preserve the floor’s finish and also protect it from microscopic damage from dust particles.
Don’t skip the weekly wet cleaning
Wet cleaning with a certified Ph-neutral hardwood cleaning spray and a soft mopping cloth will keep your flooring looking like new for eons. You may even use plain water—just wring the mop to remove any excess water before you use it on the floor.
Wet cleaning renders an instant refreshing effect on hardwood flooring and also makes the room look sparking clean.

Dry clean then wet clean

If you’re also going to wet-clean your wood flooring on the same day, make sure to do the dry sweeping first. Using a wet mop directly onto a dirty wooden floor can cause the dust particles to scratch the surface. These scratches may be invisible to you, but they can all add up to long-term damage and shorten your floor’s lifespan.

Avoid exposure to sharp objects
Whether it’s your stiletto heels, your child’s spiked shoes, their toys or your pet’s nails, your hardwood flooring can suffer extensive damage from sharp and pointed objects. The best way to avoid such exposure is to make a rule of never walking on your wood flooring with shoes on, and to keep your pet’s nails trimmed at all times.
In addition, place protective pads under your furniture and avoid dragging things over the floor.

Use area rugs and doormats
Area rugs do a lot more than enliven your living space. They protect your flooring and also add color and warmth to a monotone wooden finish. Use area rugs generously throughout your home, particularly in high-traffic areas and rooms where you have invested in high-quality lush hardwood wooden flooring.
Place doormats at each entry, even at those that are not used frequently. A good trick to keep dirt and debris from entering your home is to use large-sized vertically placed doormats so that your guests will wipe off most of the dirt and moisture on their shoes before stepping in.

Wipe spills immediately
Spills are unavoidable, especially if you have young children. If a spill happens, the best remedy is to wipe it off immediately, so that the liquid won’t get time to seep into the floor or leave a permanent stain. For easy reach, make sure to hide a soft mop behind a sofa or curtain, or place one in a drawer in the same room.

Repair damaged flooring
If your hardwood flooring is showing signs of damage, delaying its repair will only increase the problem and cost you more. When there has been extensive damage or wear and tear, replacing old flooring is a more viable option than having it repaired. Talk to a local flooring expert for guidance on the matter.

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Polish it every few months
It is good practice to polish wooden flooring every few months, and it’s even more important if your floor is showing signs of distress. Polishing fills minute scratches and protects and renews the floor’s surface. For best results, avoid using acrylic wax, oil, furniture polish and ammonia-based products to shine your floor and use a quality polishing product instead.

Keep moisture at bay
Water and moisture from rain, snow and hail, as well as residual water from potted plants, can all cause irreparable damage to your expensive hardwood flooring. Minimize your floor’s exposure to moisture and water by closing windows during rain, placing water trays under plants, and ensuring that no one walks into your home with wet shoes on.

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