When to Take Newborn Photos

When to Take Newborn Photos

You’ve been waiting patiently for your baby to arrive, and finally she’s here. You will probably want to take a few days to recover from the exhausting trip to the hospital. Take advantage of this time while the newborn baby is still getting a sense of the world, because they will want to sleep a lot. This is your opportunity to catch up on rest as well. These tender, emotional moments come rarely in a lifetime and should be treasured.

After you’ve gotten some much-needed sleep, you want to announce your bundle of joy to everyone! What better way to do this than with newborn baby photographs taken by a professional? You’ll have a valuable treasure that marks your child’s first days in this world, and that is something most parents regret not having. Jump on this opportunity by scheduling an appointment for your newborn baby.

But, when should the photos be taken? What is the best time to capture the beauty of your baby without risking his health or happiness?

First 5-12 Days After Birth

Most professional baby photographers will tell you that the best time to get pictures taken of your newborn is right after you give birth. For the first few days, the baby may lose a lot of weight, but in the next week they will gain it all back, making them the perfect size to take womb-like photographs.

Most parents want pictures of their baby with the subject curled up in a ball, asleep, nestled in a graceful pose just as they would appear in the womb. This is known by most professional photographers as the “10 Day Rule” of capturing newborns.

Avoid Photos Within the First Few Days

Again, it’s important to wait a few days before getting your baby’s photos taken. Your baby needs to adjust to some of the new things in its life, like a feeding schedule and a sleeping schedule. Maintain the good health and comfort of your child before bringing them in for a photo shoot.

A good rule of thumb is to schedule your newborn photography appointment for one week after the expected due date. Whether or not you actually give birth on that date, your baby will likely still be in that perfect age range for taking newborn photos.

Don’t Delay Documenting Your Journey

Babies can still be photographed once they’re older than two weeks. However, you may need to decide on different poses. They may not want to curl up in sleepy positions like their younger selves would do. They are growing fast, and they are experiencing the world differently with each day. The older your newborn gets, the crankier he can be. That’s why it is important to be prepared ahead of time and schedule your baby’s photography appointment before you give birth. That way, you have nothing to worry about on the day of. Just come with your precious baby – and don’t forget to bring his favorite blanket and bottle!

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