10 Essential Shopping Tips for Couples

10 Essential Shopping Tips for Couples

Shopping together as a couple needs more than just love—you need to be prepared to hang around while your partner goes about shopping, offer genuine advice without hurting each other’s feelings and be patient and understanding of the other’s choices.

Shopping as a couple need not be a nightmare if you’re both well prepared and know what it takes to emerge happy and satisfied from a shopping trip together. Here are 10 tips to help you do just that.

Ensure both of you want to do this together

Before leaving the house for shopping, check with your partner how they’d like to shop. Would they like to spilled up and have an hour or so to themselves or would they like to shop together. Also, tell them what you want. Starting out honestly will save you a ton of lost time and potential arguments later.

Pick the right place to go

Choose a place that offers plenty of choices for both of you. This will keep you from feeling that you accomplished nothing from the outing after spending hours at the shops. Also, choose a place with eateries in the vicinity. If mall shopping is not your thing, shop online!

Avoid giving fashion tips unless asked

You may indeed be the more fashionable one among the two of you, but the best way to show off your knowledge of trendy fashion is by wearing it and not by giving unsolicited tips to your partner while they shop for their individual style. Hold on to your opinions unless they really want your advice when making a choice.

Support each other’s choices

Shopping together can be a whole lot of fun for couples if they are supportive of each other’s choices and can help each other make decisions when confusion rules. If your partner picks something you don’t approve of, let them buy the piece if it gives them joy and would make them feel good about themselves. Place the other’s freedom of choice over your feelings and opinions.

Learn the art of indirect persuasion

You don’t want to end up hurting your partner’s feelings by telling them the item they chose is an absolute fashion disaster, or that it won’t look good on them. Instead of waging a direct attack, guide them to a better piece and tell them why they should buy it (for instance, it would flatter their figure or would bring out the color of their eyes).

Take along tons of patience

Accompanying another person on their personal shopping trip needs a lot of patience, along with genuine interest in that individual and a desire to spend time with them and help them make good choices. Plan a shopping trip only if both of you feel reasonably sure that you want to do it.

Don’t let small disagreements blow into a fight

Disagreements are bound to happen when two people spend extended time together hopping from store to store, but a minor issue need not flare up into a serious tiff if you keep calm and take the time to understand each other’s point of view. Recall why you came to shop together in the first place and make peace.

Insist each other to try something new

Having another person to shop beside you—and one who knows your personality, taste, and preferences—is a big advantage. They can gently push you to try out new styles, cuts, and designs that you wouldn’t otherwise, and in the process, you may end up discovering an all-new side to yourself. If you’re helping your partner buy men’s casual wear, for instance, this article can help you find the perfect men’s t-shirts to suit social occasions, including date nights.

Time your shopping

One of you may be a slow shopper and the other a quick decision maker. In that case,  one of you may be done with your shopping way before the other has had their fill. Plan your shopping hours so that the one who finishes first has something to do instead of plain waiting, such as get a head massage, go bowling or watch a movie.

Don’t complain about each other’s shopping style

If you decided to accompany your partner for shopping, don’t make the mistake of criticizing their shopping style once you’re back or mock their choices alone or in front of friends. Respect each other’s shopping style, learn from the experience and plan better for the next time. If all of this sounds like too much work, shop online!

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