4 Reasons to Stay in a Luxury Villa in Mykonos

4 Reasons to Stay in a Luxury Villa in Mykonos

Mykonos is one of the most cosmopolitan destinations in the world. An island that brings together the international jet set’s glamour with a distinct nightlife that focuses on fun and luxury. Hundreds of thousands of people visit it every year to enjoy up-close its enchanting beaches, famous restaurants and numerous attractions. As we mentioned, the element of luxury prevails in every aspect of this island’s life, which is why it could not but affect the accommodation options provided to its visitors. 


Luxury five-star hotels are a stable choice, but lately, there has been a significant change in travellers’ mentality, which focuses more on the independence and privacy offered by renting a luxury villa. We would say that luxury villa rentals are a modern trend that has come to stay, as it provides huge opportunities to visitors, with reasonable offers, private access to beaches and additional accommodation services. Let’s see four of the reasons why renting a luxury villa in Mykonos is for you:


1 There’s real privacy in a luxury villa

Think about it: Which is better, to rent a hotel room or to rent an entire luxury home for you, your family and your friends? Perhaps one of the most significant advantages that renting a villa can offer you is the real sense of privacy, something that prevails with the corresponding sense of a hotel room. Your stay in a luxury villa guarantees you peace and quiet all the time, without having to come into unpleasant contact with strangers, who often make your stay in a hotel almost unbearable. So nothing compares to the absolute freedom provided to you through a luxury villa, on this beautiful island that sits on your bucket list for ages.


2 Value for money

Because choosing a hotel is considered the most common accommodation option, many people think it to be the most reliable. But things are different. Suppose on your trip you happen to travel with a group of people. In that case, you will find that the most economical and quality accommodation option is to rent a villa, compared to a luxury hotel room. But apart from the most economical options of a luxury villa, the difference in the quality of accommodation is noticeable. A luxury villa in Mykonos offers you autonomous facilities, fully equipped with the necessary appliances and facilities that will make your stay better and provide additional services such as a private chef, concierge, and personal guide.


3 Incredible locations of the villas

Another reason to choose a luxury villa for your vacation in Mykonos is the incredible locations in which they are built. Luxury villas built next to the sea’s endless blue, on stunning hills and in strategic parts of the island allow you easy access to its various points. The options are really countless, but now with Divine Property‘s help, you can choose from a massive range of luxury villas to find the one that serves your needs and at affordable prices for everyone to experience the holidays that you always dreamed of. Simply because luxury is equivalent to privacy.


4 There’s so much space to stay

In a spacious suite of a five-star hotel, of course, you will have enough space to stay. But nothing can compare to the real freedom of movement inside and outside of a villa. Wander through the ample space of a luxury villa into actual rooms, which conveys this coveted sense of “intimacy” you are looking for during your stay in a hotel. Luxury villas in Mykonos that can offer you more space than your own home are waiting to welcome you. Comfortable bedrooms, modern kitchens and lush gardens are there to give you incredible moments of relaxation and carefreeness.

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