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The Costs Of Selling Your Home

Buying a home is expensive, but selling comes with its own costs too. Here are the main costs to consider when putting your home on the market so that you can budget effectively.


Energy performance certificate


In many areas, you will need and energy performance certificate before selling you home. This tells notifies the buyer as to how energy efficient your home is – with properties in class A being the most energy efficient and properties in band G being the least efficient. You will need to have your home assessed first. This is usually costs only a small fee of around forty quid – you can shop around to save money.


Conveyance fees


You’ll also need to pay for a solicitor or legal conveyancer to handle the legal side of selling your home. This is generally not a costly process – the price of hiring legal support is far greater for buying property than selling. Selling a large property may come with bigger fees.


Going through an agent vs. selling directly


You generally have two option when marketing your property – you go through a real estate agent or sell directly. There are all kinds of agencies for all different properties. This includes high streets agencies but also online agents such as this one Agencies will usually charge a selling fee – something you won’t get selling directly. However, you will get professional marketing going through an agent, which could open your property up to a larger audience of people and secure a faster sale.


There are multiple methods of selling directly too. You will have to market the property yourself, which could include advertising on social media, going through a listing site and advertising in a local paper. You will also have to arrange your own viewings, which may mean taking time off work to show a buyer around the property or getting a friend or family member to show buyers around. It’s important to weigh up the costs with the end result, as selling directly and going through an agent both have their perks.



Once you’ve finally settled the sale, you’ll then have to factor in removals costs. This can be a large hidden cost to many who are moving house. Removals costs will vary depending on how much you have to move and how far you need to move it. You can skip out using a removals company and make the move yourself, although this may involve hiring a van and multiple journeys, which could work out costlier in the long run.


Make sure that you’re equipped with cardboard boxes, styrofoam, bubble wrap, tape and all the other materials needed to make the move. Some removals companies may provide these for you. If not you can always buy a removals kit online such as these ones , or visit a retail outlet where you may be able to get cardboard boxes for free.


You will also need to clean your property before you move, which could involve hiring a cleaning company or doing it yourself.

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