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Nibbles And Treats – Would You Make Your Own?

Sometimes it is so much easier to head to the store and buy all those little nibbles you need when you’re entertaining guests. Unfortunately, it can wind up costing your more money. It also means you might not have full control over the ingredients. And doesn’t it all get a bit ‘samey’ after a while? If you can find a little bit of time to make your own, you might be able to create something that your guests will remember for longer!


Making your own requires carefully sourced ingredients. When you know what’s in it, you can carefully consider any food sensitivities or special diets you might be catering for. You don’t have to start from scratch, either. A little time and preparation can transform any quality snack from the store into something so much more. For example, you might pick up some muesli and granola mix to create a tasty, chewy bite when you add a little golden syrup and melted butter to bind it.

So what are your options? Bite-size nibbles are always best. You can choose healthier options like fruit chunk kebabs (with a drizzle of melted dark chocolate and runny jam.) Or you could make fun little treats like home-made lollies and pops. With this cake pop recipe, people will line up and beg for your secret, and you’ll be remembered for having the most innovative catering!


What do you need? Time, mostly. None of the ideas so far require special skills or tools to make them. But you do need to set aside a little bit of time to prepare them. It’s the same with anything you prepare at home yourself. Many treats and nibbles take only a few minutes. If you’re baking, you can use the time it is in the oven to complete other tasks. Planning what you need to do can help you schedule your time more efficiently. At least it won’t cost you a fortune in private catering services or gourmet deliveries.


Would you make your own? If you have a tasty treats cookbook, chances are you’re ready to give it a go. Remember, it’s all about the presentation. If your nibbles look fun and different from the standard choices, then chances are they will be enjoyed and well-remembered. If you’re entertaining for promotional purposes or a special occasion, creating great memories of the event will be essential.


Don’t forget that drinks will need to be served too. Don’t leave a soda pop bottle on the table with a few plastic cups. Instead, pour the contents into a punch bowl, and a few sliced fruits, and you’ve got an attractive presentation as well as a fun drink to enjoy. If you have the time, why not squeeze your own fruit juices, or whip up a jug of delicious smoothie?


You might have to consider a tight budget or a tight schedule when you provide the nibbles and treats for entertaining. You can still enjoy some wonderful bite-size beauties to wow your guests, no matter how much time or money you can put in. What would you prepare for your next party?


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