Why Student Loan Reform Would Help So Many


Why Student Loan Reform Would Help So Many

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I spent many years in college pursuing a criminal justice degree at an in-state university but I was an at home student. I loved my time spent in college; that is until the bills started to pile up. I would get statements to show my loans but honestly like many others I didn’t really think about ever having to pay it back and thought that the payments would be more reasonable. Upon graduation I got a payment schedule and honestly I broke down and cried. $60,000 in college debt for a degree that at that time I knew that I would never use. My husband was in the process of leaving law enforcement due to a disability and I knew that I didn’t have it in my heart to really use my degree at all.

Yes, I used scholarships as much as I could but the rising costs of books and the fact that life happened and my degree took longer than expected left me with debt that I had never experienced in my life.

There are people in this world like Julie Queler who believe that we need more student loan reform. It is hard to be so young and realize that you have more student loan debt than you could ever tackle. If there was reform to even take a few thousand dollars off of your bill this could alleviate people from living paycheck to paycheck. People would also be more willing to go to college if they thought that it would be more affordable.

I can only hope that by the time my boys who are now 5 and 2 are at the age to make a decision if they would like to go to college or not will have more financial options than I had. When I entered college I was pretty much told that I wouldn’t be paying anything until I graduated and that it would be “affordable” but that was quite false compared to the $800 bill that was sent to me upon graduation. I was able to apply for some help and it reduced my bill in a tremendous amount per month, but that comes with the idea that monthly interest is still stacking up.

Many college graduates are forced to move back home after completing school because they just can’t afford things on their own.

With a lack of reform this situation will only get worse as “street skills” become something are are looked at less and less in the career fields that many people desire and degrees are a number one requirement.


What are your thoughts on student loan reform? I would love to see things change drastically in the coming years to help so many people who don’t even work in the field of their degree. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy for my degree and thankful for everyone who supported me through the process but as I said earlier, life happens.


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