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A Kitchen To Write Home About!

Do you get embarrassed when your friends come over to your house, and everyone ends up in the kitchen? Is the room that is truly the heart of every home, not as great as it could be? Well,  do not panic!  As below you can find out how to make your kitchen the talk of the town. Or even a room that is truly worth writing home about, and you don’t even have to break the bank to do it!




Not many folks realize that the basis to an amazing kitchen starts with the layout. The kitchen may well be an area where the decor is pleasant, but above all, it is a practical room, and they layout needs to reflect this.

For example, did you know that it’s important to consider what you will be doing in your kitchen space before you start to construct it? Are you are just going to be cooking a few light meals because you eat out a lot? Then your kitchen layout will need to be far different than if you plan to host a lot of dinner parties. Especially if you want to talk to your guest while you are cooking.


You also need to think about the placing of the three most important items, the cooker, the sink and the fridge. It’s no good having them really far apart because you will be walking much further than you actually need to. But, by the same token,  it’s no good if they are all crammed into a single corner either. As you will have no room to move about or open the fridge and oven door.


This is problematic for a lot of households as they believe that they have to go with the layout for these items that was there when their house was built. Especially for things like the fridge and cooker which need a certain amount of space and to be connected to a power supply. But a trained electrician like Mr Switch Electrical can easily install new power points and even hot water! So you can easily reorder the layout of your kitchen to make it a lot more practical.


Work Surfaces


Of course, apart from the big three, you will also need to consider how much space you are going to give up to work surfaces. Now, this can be a bit of a trade off depending on what you want use the space for.

Those wanting the kitchen to be the social heart of them home may choose to reduce the amount of space for work surfaces. This is so they can install a table or have an informal living room like area for guests to relax in. But more serious cooks with a desire to create complex dishes in the kitchen may need as much workspace as possible, in which to work their magic.


The cost of work surface too can control how much space you cover with them. Marble and granite surfaces are, particularly on trend. Not only because they look great and last for ages. But also because they are fantastic when used for baking and cake decorating. This is because the stone stays cool, making it easier to lift pastry and fondant off it, without tearing.


However, these sorts of surfaces are way more expensive than the coated chipboard types. So if you are trying to save a buck or two, it’s a much better idea to choose something with a marble look, made in this material instead.


Remember if you want the quality of marble you can always get a block or two to work from in the same way you would a chopping board.  




Lastly, another factor that your guests are bound to notice when the visit is the cabinet that you have in your kitchen. But because they are used to store most of your knives and accessories too, they also need to be both functional and beautiful to be successful.


That means you are going have to consider carefully what designs to go for. Current trends tend toward either a clean shaker style, in muted green or blue. Or a high gloss modernist style. Both of which are gorgeous, but are also going to cost you a pretty penny, and be out of fashion in the blink of an eye.

Instead, you may want to go for something a little more neutral that will last longer. Or even commission a carpenter to create your cabinets for you. Yes, this will cost in the short term, but if they last for the entire time you inhabit your house, you will actually save on these in the long run, because you won’t need to replace them.


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