The Half Acre Field
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The Field Toy Half Acre Field

The Half Acre Field


The Field Toy Half Acre Field

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About The Field Toy

A simple child’s request ignited the idea for a new business venture for Padraic Cuddy and his family. Padraic’s then three-year-old son Tommy wanted a toy field to graze his many farm animals.

Padraic obliged by handcrafting a realistic model toy field complete with hedging and traditional timber gate. His company Class Grass providers of artificial grass products proved most useful with both the field and hedging crafted from this natural looking grass product, the timber gate was fashioned out of scape wood.

The toy yet simple in idea and design proved most popular among family and friends.


What We Thought

I love toys that allow both of our boys although an age gap to be able to play together. The Field Toy allowed me to see first hand that there in fact can be a toy that both boys can use in their own different ways, but still enjoy spending time together and bonding like brothers should.

When The Half Acre Field arrived I was really impressed with how durable it was and realized that this was going to hold up to the use and abuse of 2 boys. The added perks of farm animals and equipment made this a great toy. We didn’t have to add anything extra, but the boys got out other farm animals, tractors and even a toy silo to make their experience even bigger.

We also loved that the certificate of ownership helped the boys to realize that this was their very own farm and they could make it whatever they wanted. Jack at age 5 understood this more of course than his 2 year old brother William but this whole experience was something that just added to the fun.

After many hours of fun time The Half Acre Field still looks brand new and the boys have not lost interest in it like many other toys. We also love that it is compact and not too big providing for easy storage when they are not using it. I find that they like to keep it under our couch when not in use with their animals right inside and they just bring it out at play time the next day for more hours of entertainment.

If you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the little farmer in your life check out The Field Toy and see all of the options they have. The Half Acre Field is definitely high on our list of things to give our own little friends this year! Check out other great gifting ideas on our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide as well.

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